Reworking the vision

I’ve been traveling down a path with a certain vision. However, it’s time for a few tweaks. I realized something very important: much of my vision depended on others. If I have a vision for who I want to be, it can’t all depend on others. For example, part of the vision is to “be respected.” Do I fail if no one chooses to respect me?

However, at the same time, I also know that we should be interdependent beings, not islands attempting to achieve something all on our own.

Therefore, I want to be clear with myself on what is in my power and what involves the free will of others.

Old vision

As a thought leader I am:

  • respectful and respected
  • balanced and effective
  • enabling and vulnerable
  • boundless with knowledge, yet succinct
  • relaxed with harnessed passion

New vision

I am:

  • happy and fulfilled
  • passionate and peaceful
  • balanced and effective

As an influencer, I am:

  • respectful and respected
  • enabling and vulnerable
  • boundless with knowledge, yet succinct

Bloated Workload

Rosabeth Moss Kanter says, “Adding new items without subtracting old ones is how closets get cluttered, bureaucracies expand, workloads grow out of control, national budgets go into deficit, and people get fat. It takes discipline to cut or consolidate some things for every one added. Too often that discipline is missing” (“Five Self-Defeating Behaviors that Ruin Companies and Careers,” Harvard Business Review).

I acknowledge the many responsibilities I and others have added to my plate – even as a result of my own enthusiasm – and I acknowledge that I must maintain a balance between what I take on myself and what I delegate or remove from my responsibilities.

“I Want To Be Someone Who __”

After my meeting about the topic of ‘respect’ I focused on my homework, which was to fill in the blank “I want to be someone who ___.” This naturally started with “I want to be someone who is respectful.” After this, I wrote: 

  • “I want to be someone who enables people to achieve success.”
  • “I want to be someone who enables strategic thinking in teams and in individuals.”
  • “I want to be someone who achieves success with balance.” 

This is when I thought about the idea of blogging my experiences with being mentored. I was already writing down my thoughts and working out this vision for myself, but if I were to share it, others might gain from it. In my next meeting with my mentor, I brought up the idea. In these past few entries I am now writing out what I have learned over the past month or so, plan to write moving forward.