Continually Learning

My mentor shared the article “Career Coach: What are you doing to keep learning?”  This article basically talks about the importance of continuous learning – it doesn’t stop with getting a degree. The article lists benefits to those who make learning an ongoing priority in their lives:

  • Being able to keep current with trends and developments in an industry.
  • Building a knowledge base to identify problems and generate solutions.
  • Being more resilient to market changes and fluctuations (i.e., being more marketable, especially during recessions).
  • Stimulating the mind to keep inspired and excited.
  • Enhancing self-confidence about a topic or issue.

I have experienced all of these benefits. I would add that continuous learning also helps us develop new ways of thinking about problems and solutions. Learning more in subjects outside our field of expertise helps us relate to and communicate with others more effectively and gives us not only a knowledge base, but new mindsets for different approaches to problems and ideas.



On June 15 my mentor and I discussed balance. I’m working myself too hard, which I physically cannot maintain. One cannot come in early, work late, not eat lunch, and maintain that work style for the long term. He mentioned a struggle with eating lunch as well, so I challenged both of us to eat lunch at least 4 times a week. And he challenged me to plan out my day and get done what I can in a normal work week. Of course, I should work diligently, efficiently, and effectively, and I can always improve, but I can’t push myself beyond If there’s more than that, I shouldn’t expect myself to do all of it. After all, I am human.