Balance: Vision and Confidence

Two weeks ago my mentor and I discussed balance. A few tactics to keeping balance:

  • Check in with yourself
  • Have a system
  • Once balance is gained, maintain it
  • Delegate
  • Say no
  • Don’t fill up the schedule again after cleaning it out
  • Take some things off the list once the list is created

What is the bigger picture? Being a thought leader. What does that mean for the work I do? Who am I aiming to be? I cannot move each grain of sand (if sand = things to do), so what is more important than the grains? The emphasis, from my mentor: “You can’t keep trying to complete all the details in your list or you’re going to make yourself sick.”

Balance and Vision

I learned I need to refocus on the strategy and ask myself:

  • Where am I trying to go?
  • What would a thought leader do?
  • What is the best use of my time and energy?


My mentor said something very important that stuck with me. He said self-confidence leads to being balanced. Confidence is a common element for the characteristics of my vision.

  • Respectful and respected: how can people respect a person who doesn’t respect his or herself?
  • Enabling and vulnerable: I am willing to share my failures for teaching purposes if I am confident that those failures do not make me “a failure.”
  • Relaxed with harnessed passion: A self-confident person can relax because they believe in themselves. My anxiety peaks when I’m not sure of myself.

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